Build IT

Build IT Programme:

The IT Master Builder programme has been developed in partnership with North Tyneside Council's Education ICT Team. The programme supports the development of digital competence in school staff and students by developing teachers' skills to ensure they are competent and confident in delivering a physical computing curriculum that will inspire, engage and up-skill the workforce of the future.

As part of the programme Trust Partner schools receive:

  • A planned 12 week curriculum

  • Learning resources (Learning Mats, Hack Templates & Student Workbooks)

  • 17 sets of the Raspberry Pi computers, a credit card sized single board computer developed with the intention of promoting the teaching of basic computer science in schools.

The total cost is £1250. The Trust offers a subsidy of £500 per Trust school. The remaining cost to schools is:

£500 for those part of the ICT SLA or £750 for those not part of the ICT SLA

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