vInspired Schools

vInspired Schools is a flexible programme and offers an opportunity to coordinate voluntary opportunities and programmes, and to develop a whole-school approach to volunteering and social action. The programme includes access to a range of free, flexible tools including:
  • A simple and free web-based platform which connects students with school volunteering opportunities and which makes it easy to promote, manage and monitor student volunteering across your student cohort.
  • A ready-to-go toolkit, written by education professionals, which provides the tools, support and resources you will need to promote the benefits of the programme
  • Funding of up to £500 to support student social action projects.
  • Certified recognition of volunteering activities that schools can use to celebrate student’s achievements.
  • Launch materials to inspire your students, as well as creative ideas on how to retain momentum and commitment from your students and colleagues.
  • Advice on adapting volunteering opportunities to suit your school alongside safeguarding guidance and best practice tips.
  • Information on how the programme supports wider school frameworks and can help contribute to outstanding OFSTED SEF, High Quality Teaching and Learning criteria and SMSC.

Students participating receive nationally recognised certifications for the hours they put in to volunteering. Many students will already be participating in various volunteering activities, all of these hours can be logged towards their certificates with vInspired Schools. For those schools already participating in the National Citizen Service ‘Champion School’s’ programme, this is a fantastic opportunity to gain extra recognition for the valuable work students are already doing.