Current Trust Governors

Trust Governors and Vacancies

Below is a list of our current Trust Governors and the school they are associated to:

 Amberley Community Primary  VACANCY  VACANCY
 Appletree Gardens First School  Caroline Tindell  Sean Foster
 Balliol Primary  Michael Carter  Amy Banks
 Beacon Hill School  Rebecca Watson  VACANCY
 Benton Dene Primary School  Jeremy Lulu  Adrienne Richmond
 Benton Dene School  Victoria Marriott  India Stokell
 Burnside Business and Enterprise College  Karen Marshall  Paul Hetherington
 Burradon Community Primary  Charlotte Johnston  Keeley Lawrence
 Carville Primary School  David Baldwin  Joe Shimwell
 Churchill Community College  Claire Bovill  Jessica Holmes
 Fordley Primary School  Brian Peutherer  Jackie McHanwell
 Forest Hall Primary School  Sue Ormerod  Andrew Burtenshaw
 George Stephenson High School  Katrina Moffat  Paul Rowland
 Greenfields Primary School  John Ord  Pauline Pearson
 Hazlewood Primary School  Alison Rutherford  Michelle Beattie
 Ivy Road Primary  Natalie Day  Hiral Hetherington
 King Edward Primary School  Caroline Afolabi-Deleu  Debra Nichol
 Longbenton High School  Kim Smith  Jeremy Lulu
 Marden Bridge Middle  Mike Homer  VACANCY
 Marden High School  Kehri Ellis  Jaxson Hind
 Monkhouse Primary School  Sam McLoughlin  Laura Greener
 Monkseaton High School  VACANCY  Beverley Oliver
 Monkseaton Middle School  VACANCY  Hannah Cleugh
 Norham High School  Margie Burdis  Andrew Scott
 Preston Grange Primary  Andrew Todd  VACANCY
 Redesdale Primary School  Paul Tallent  Laura Tullock
 Richardson Dees Primary School  Charmaine Fonseca-Hall  VACANCY
 Rockliffe First School  Judith Williams  Natasha Mohindra
 Silverdale School  Lenolie Campbell  George Gardner
 Southlands  Peter Martin  VACANCY
 Stephenson Memorial Primary School  David Baldwin  Brett Devenish
 Valley Gardens Middle School  Jonathan Russell  Paul McKenzie
 Wallsend Jubilee Primary School  Katrina Moffat  Ian Fitzpatrick
 Wellfield Middle School  Lesley Griffin  VACANCY
 Western Community Primary School  Michael Florance  Nadeem Ahmed
 Westmoor Primary School  VACANCY  Susana Mugica
 Whitley Bay High School  Lisa Trenell  Samantha Pritchard
 Woodlawn School  Angelika Bowmer  VACANCY


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