Tackling Gender and Unconscious Bias in the STEM Classroom

Tackling Gender and Unconscious Bias in the STEM Classroom

Sandhill View Academy, Grindon Lane, Thorney Close, Sunderland SR3 4EN



Delivered in partnership with NUSTEM.  Open to primary and secondary teachers.

Unconscious biases are prevalent across society‚Ķ and in your classroom! NUSTEM’s own research has shown that by Year 3, there are already strong gender differences in how boys and girls view themselves and the type of jobs they could see themselves doing in the future.

In this workshop, we examine the science behind unconscious bias, begin to understand our own biases, and learn techniques for ensuring they do not have a detrimental effect on the learning of children in our schools. The session is informed by current research and aims to promote equity and equality for all.

This twilight session is a must for teachers of STEM subjects who would like to breakdown gender stereotypes and encourage both boys and girls to consider STEM careers.


  • Examine up to date evidence on gender bias in the classroom.
  • Discuss techniques and strategies to explore and tackle gender biases in STEM subjects.

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