Teacher Subject Specialism Training in Physics Cohort 1

Teacher Subject Specialism Training in Physics Cohort 1

Churchill community College


Time Session
1 Tuesday 18th December 2018 9am-4pm Introduction and Forces 1
2 Tuesday 29th January 2019 1.30-5.30pm Forces 2
3 Tuesday 26th February 2019 1.30-5.30pm Energy
4 Tuesday 12th March 2019 1.30-5.30pm Electricity
5 Tuesday 2nd April 2019 1.30-5.30pm Radioactivity
6 Tuesday 7th May 2019 1.30-5.30pm Waves
7 Tuesday 4th June 2019 1.30-4.30pm Space & Astronomy
8 Tuesday 18th June 2019 9am-4pm Review & Report back


As increasing number of non-physics specialists are teaching physics to KS3 and GCSE, it is important that teachers doing so feel confident in their own understanding of the subject. This course is intended for non-specialist teachers to improve subject knowledge and develope an understanding of effective pedagogical approaches. By considering all of the key concepts in the physics curriculum in some depth and considering how to use practical work effectively, this develops confidence in participants to use these approaches with their classes.

Who is the course for?

Non-specialists teaching physics for pupils aged 11-16 and those who support colleagues returning to the profession.


You will be able to:

  • increase participant understanding and confidence in the teaching of physics effectively at ages 11-16
  • develop teacher subject knowledge in key areas of physics
  • improve student progress by developing teacher questioning to address common misconceptions
  • ensure students are engaged by increase teacher confidence to use practical work effectively


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