Burnside College gets virtual visit from Olympic Gymnast

The University of Hull is an official partner of Team GB, and together they have created a
peer-tested suite of classroom-ready resources for use in schools, to inspire 11-18
years olds to achieve their future goals. The programme contains age-grouped
lesson plans, videos and a range of other materials, which can be used as whole
lesson or partial lesson input. The aim is to encourage students to find their own
passion and explore their own resilience, perseverance and growth mindset, not only
relating to sport but as whole life skills. There are options for use directly by
students, and by their families too. The link to the site is: https://getsethull.com

The programme was launched on 29 April with a competition to win a virtual visit with
Max Whitlock, MBE – Double Olympic Gymnast and also Team GB Ambassador for
the University of Hull. The winner was chosen at random from those schools who
signed up to the programme by 11 May.

Burnside College were the lucky winners, thanks to Miss Anna Peel who registered
to access the resources, and the University of Hull were delighted that they were
able to go ahead with the visit.  Alison Brocklesby, SCE Area Lead of the University
of Hull said “It was a great success and I was very proud to be part of it; Max is a
wonderful ambassador for both his sport and for the university, and really champions
young peoples’ achievements.  The students at Burnside too, all year 9s, stepped up
to the mark to ask some excellent questions and I hope they found the experience both
enjoyable and inspiring.”
The video of Burnside College students meeting Max Whitlock can be viewed here

- Posted on 8th June 2021

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