NTLT schools work with the Royal Navy

The NTLT wow team has been working with the Royal Navy this term to give our year 6 children a hands-on workshop experience. Adam, Janine and Stu have been giving the children an insight into the various roles and careers available in the Royal Navy and then putting them through their paces with some team building activities. They gave the children an understanding of the role the Royal Navy plays from protecting the nation and sea ways to the humanitarian support they provide.

The practical activities tested the children’s communication and teamwork skills as they worked together to construct a rocket flare that they tested and then they needed to follow instructions and build a communication tower. All useful skills that will help them in any job in the future.

Feedback on the sessions from staff and students was great:

“I thought the session was excellent, it mixed a lot of great information about the Royal Navy and different career paths within the service with STEM activities that really engaged the class and developed their teamwork and communication skills.” Matthew Blacklock, Redesdale Primary School

“It was fun working in our teams to build the structure and getting the chance to do something new together.” Pupil, Hazlewood Community Primary School

“It was very informative and great information for those who are interested or thinking about the navy.” Pupil, Hazlewood Community Primary School

The Royal Navy will be working with the Trust again in February and we’ve really looking forward to welcoming them back.

- Posted on 13th December 2022

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