Royal Navy Visit NTLT Schools


Last term, Trust Partner Schools were treated to an exciting visit from members of the Royal Navy. Alina Vose, NTLT STEM Hub Administrator took the opportunity to visit one of the sessions at Amberley Primary School to see what was involved.

The workshop started by introducing the children to The Royal Navy, what they did and the different roles there are available. Janine talked about how she was in charge of looking after the budget for catering, and explained how she only has £6 per person, per day for food and she must use this budget to ensure everyone has enough to eat but that the food is also balanced and nutritious.  

Adam shared with the children how he is an engineer for helicopters, based on a ship.  He told them how he has to make sure they are always working properly and ready to launch at any given time and how he uses a tractor to move them about the ship into the right positions. 

Mohamed is a chef, based on a ship, and his job is to feed everyone on board and ensure they have a balanced healthy diet. He explained this can be tricky with such a tight budget. 

Joseph, like Adam, also looks after helicopters, however, he is based on land. He has been in The Royal Navy for 6 years, and he has travelled the country extensively in his role, however, has not yet been to sea. 

The team then got the children to design and build their own rockets out of paper. The rockets had to be airtight, which they took outside and launched, using a pump to create pressure inside the rocket which sent it shooting into the air. 

The children at Amberley were amazed by the rockets! They thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and were very curious, asking lots of questions. The rocket designs were wonderfully creative, from football to flowers, rainbows and symbols of peace. 

The team from the Royal Navy will be return to North Tyneside to deliver more sessions to primary, middle and secondary school. Although all sessions are fully booked for this academic year, if you are interesting in securing a visit for 2024/25, please email

- Posted on 6th November 2023

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