Star Awards 2016

The 2016 Star Award Winners!

Callum Bergin (Resilience Award),  Harry Forster (Fundraising Award),  Megan Shaw (Volunteering Award), Emily Leadbitter (Inspiration Award), Jamie Chambers (Can Do Award), Megan Campbell-Hills (Inclusion Award), Rohan Cook (Breakthrough Award), Millie Jamieson (Achievement Award), Ruben Parnell (Green Award), Christopher Sugden (Leadership Award), Elizabeth Orme (Local Hero Award),  Amaan Rahman (Winner’s Choice Award)


The 2016 Award Categories and Finalists

Resilience Award – Sponsored by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation

To recognise a child or young person who has demonstrated extreme courage and determination in overcoming adversity.

Samuel Brown, Monkhouse Primary School, Reception

Samuel was nominated by his class teacher Ms Stephenson for his outstanding determination and resilience. Sam has a condition called Arthrogryposis which affects the muscles and tendons in his body. He has displacement of the hips making it difficult for him to walk and has difficulties with the use of his hands but nothing stops Sam in his learning and trying new things. He has plans to become a Paralympian, wizzes around school with style and ease in his electric wheelchair and has shown confidence in maths and talking. Sam is always full of fun, has a great number of friends, a sunny disposition, positive attitude and a wicked sense of humour, is friendly and outgoing and he never gives up. Ms Stephenson describes Sam as “the embodiment of the phrase where there’s a will there’s a way” and an astounding boy.

Harrison Young, Hadrian Park Primary School, Year 3

Harrison was nominated by Miss Cockburn his teacher for his hard working, determination and courage. Despite having Nystagmus; a visual impairment condition making it very difficult for Harrison to see anything clearly and a physical condition that limits his involvement in physical activity he takes part in all aspects of school life alongside his peers and with a smile on his face. Described as an “inspiration to all children” Harrison overcomes the obstacles in life with courage and determination.

Harry White, Redesdale Primary School, Year 4

Harry was nominated by his class teacher Ms Anderson for overcoming a number of life challenges including a heart condition and hearing impairment. Despite numerous stays in hospital for operations and treatment Harry continues with his school work and keeps his class informed of how he is doing by using the school Twitter page and even getting some of his class to the hospital on a visit. At school Harry is a keen footballer and shows his skill and determination on the football field. Harry always gives 110%.

Callum Bergin, Monkseaton High School, Year 10

Callum was nominated by Ms McCaughey his Head of Year for his resilience, courage and caring for others at a time when he himself was dealing with the tragic death of his best friend. When Callum’s best friend Taylor passed away suddenly the whole school felt the loss. Callum, despite struggling with his own loss, helped other pupils and staff to celebrate and remember Taylor in a number of ways, provide support and comfort to staff and other students, find positive ways to commemorate Taylor and honour his memory. Callum was also there to support and help Taylor’s family especially his two younger sisters through this very difficult time. Ms McCaughey describes Callum as “an inspiration to his peers and also to myself” and highlights his strength or character and thoughtfulness.

Fundraising Award – Sponsored by TES

To recognise a child or young person who has raised money for a good cause, however large or small the amount.

Harry Forster, George Stephenson High School, Year 13

Harry was nominated by the Head of 6th Form Ms Tate for being an active fundraiser for charities both within his community and in the Gambia. Harry dedicates his time to organise and take part in fundraising for the Atkinson Ashfield Nursery School in Gambia to provide much needed resources for babies and children. He has visited the nursery with his family and continues to dedicate his time to fundraising for future needs. He is also a valued member of the school charity committee and has been involved in planning and co-ordinating events to raise money for ‘Luke’s Lifelong Legacy’ – a children’s cancer charity. Harry is described as “a fantastic role model to others.”.

Sam Mathews, Valley Gardens Middle School, Year 8

Harry was nominated by his teacher Ms Hill for his ongoing fundraising for a number of charities. For the last 3 years Sam has planned, organised and ran an Easter egg hunt for local people in Whitley Bay at Souter Park. His fundraising efforts have raised £800.00 for Depaul Uk and £1,200.00 for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation as one of Sam’s friends has type 1 diabetes and has to inject daily. Sam plans to continue his fundraising this year for Cancer Research.

Petra Szendi, Burnside Business & Enterprise College, Year 8

Petra was nominated by her form teacher Ms Lulham for her central lead role in raising over £2,000.00 for the Little Princess Trust after the charity was chosen by her form teacher who herself was undergoing radical treatment for Ovarian Cancer. There were many students who contributed to the fundraising activities but Petra was the co-ordinator, the motivator and the creative director. Alongside this Petra sent motivational, heart-warming and uplifting cards and messages to her teacher whilst she was going through treatment. Petra was described by Ms Lulham as “like a little ray of sunshine”

Olivia Mae Williams, Rockcliffe First School, Year 4

Olivia was nominated by her Head Teacher Mrs Colpitt-Elliott for her determination in fundraising for the local charity ‘Heel and Toe’ which provides free conductive education therapy for any child with Cerebral Palsy. Olivia spoke in a whole school assembly, spent break times, lunchtimes, evenings and weekends making string bracelets to sell and has inspired other children across the school to fundraise for other good causes. Olivia was described by Mrs Colpitts-Elliott as “positive and determined and has demonstrated several of the Rockcliffe Learning Superpowers in her work including resilience, creativity and optimism”.

Volunteering Award – Sponsored by Accenture

To recognise a child or young person who regularly gives their time freely and unpaid doing something to benefit the environment, individuals or groups other than close relatives.

Danielle Ellis, Woodlawn 6th Form, Year 13

Danielle was nominated by her teacher Mr Saunders for an ongoing and tireless commitment to volunteering in a number of ways despite her own challenges. Working with the school’s pupil advocate she volunteers at West Monkseaton Rainbows and a local children’s nursery. Danielle volunteered last year for the National Citizenship Programme and after a week’s residential she helped set up a community programme to provide support for local homeless people. Danielle has a clear commitment to work with children and has secured a place on a Health & Social Care Course.

Liam Cassells, George Stephenson High School, Year 13

Liam was nominated by his teacher Ms Simpson for his voluntary support of other pupils who have moderate learning difficulties. Since starting his sixth form studies Liam provides support during English lessons for six young people on both a one to one and small group basis. He is patient, builds others confidence and self-esteem, genuinely cares about the pupils he supports and uses humour to create a fun learning environment. Despite studying for 3 A levels, preparing for a History and Politics Degree at Newcastle University and working part time, Liam develops support materials in his own time to help the students he supports to progress. Liam is described as “an exceptional young man whose volunteer work has made a real difference to the lives of six young people”

Nathan Summerson, Valley Gardens Middle School, Year 8

Nathan was nominated by Mr Bolam the school caretaker who describes Nathan as “an extremely helpful member of our school community”. Nathan volunteers with the school caretaking team to ensure that the school garden area, recycling and lunch area is always clean and tidy and he often gives up his break times and lunchtimes to help out. Nathan is reliable and thorough in his volunteering and does so with a polite and cheery manner making him a “delight to work alongside”

Megan Shaw, John Spence Community High School, Year 9

Megan was nominated by Ms Lyster for her commitment of time towards highlighting the challenges faced by young carers. Megan was part of the production of a film title “All Work No Play” and through her support, encouragement and positive attitude other carers were able to tell their story. Megan volunteered to take on a leadership role in the project; focussed on getting others involved and enabled them to build their confidence, skills and self-esteem whilst building lasting friendships. The film made by the group and Megan is now used in schools at assembly’s, in classrooms and in training staff who work with carers in North Tyneside. Described as “exceptional” Megan is recognised as a “true star”.

Inspiration Award – Sponsored by Capita

To recognise a child or young person who goes to extraordinary lengths to enhance the lives of others.

Amir Ziari, Carville Primary School, Year 5

Amir was nominated by his class teacher Mr Lisle for showing courage and determination in all aspects of his life. Amir joined Carville Primary School in Autumn 2013 with no spoken English or any understanding of the English language. Amir has worked extremely hard to overcome the barriers and is now part of the school choir, learning new skills in ICT Club, is part of the school football team and takes part in music after school. He is a carer and translator for his mum and brings her along to events at school to help her develop her English. Amir volunteered to help a new pupil who also joined the class and had no spoken English. Amir showed maturity, patience and sensitivity; showing the new pupil around school, introducing him to teachers and other children and supporting him with his work. Mr Lisle describes Amir as someone who “will always put others needs in front of his own”.

Amy Tumilty, Battle Hill Primary School, Year 2

Amy was nominated by her class teacher Mr Taylor for her ongoing support for another student who has limited vocabulary and communication. Amy be-friended Blanka in year 1 and despite the communication difficulties and Blankas inability to show appreciation, Amy continued with perserverance to help Blanka make new friends, help her with tasks around school and in class. Described by Mr Taylor as a “true NTLT Star” Amy continues to help and support Blanka with kindness and care.

Shanise Smith, Stephenson Memorial Primary School, Year 6

Shanise was nominated by her friend Sophie Tonge for being “a true inspiration”. Despite suffering the recent sudden loss of her Dad, Shanise continues to attend school and help her friends whenever she can. Shanise constantly amazes her friends and teachers with her strength and courage to deal with her family loss and her decision to stay strong and make sure that her actions make her Dad proud. Sophie chose to nominate Shanise “200 million percent” for her inspirational attitude and strength.

Emily Hannah Leadbitter, Preston Grange Primary School, Year 6

Emily was nominated by her Grandmother Jane for everything Emily did for her when she was diagnosed with cancer. Emily made sure that while her Grandmother was in hospital she visited every night and weekend as well as taking on more housework chores and dog walking duties when her Grandmother returned home. Emily is the first to offer to go to the shops or push her Grandmother in her wheelchair and would always make sure that her Grandmother had what she needed and was comfortable. Emily’s Grandmother nominated her because she “doesn’t know what I would have done without her”.

Can Do Award – Sponsored by Kier

To recognise a child or young person who demonstrates a positive attitude in everything they do.

Ellen Law, Churchill Community College, Year 10

Ellen was nominated by Ms Ward who describes her as “always adopts a can do attitude!”. Despite having spinal muscular atrophy type 2 and being constantly in a wheelchair, Ellen shows a strong, determined attitude to her school work, school attendance and involvement in all aspects of school like. Ellen has a passion for performing arts and has taken part in all school productions since starting Churchill Community College. Ellen is a bright, cheerful and hard working young lady who will “achieve anything she puts her mind to”.

Bradley Rafferty, Silverdale School, Year 11

Bradley was nominated by Mr Phelps from Silverdale School for his consistant achievements both at school and in developing his independent living skills. Bradley takes on the role of being an exceptional role model to younger pupils very seriously and achieves his learning and behaviour targets all the time. Bradley has developed to be a mature young man, able to maintain his own feelings and take responsibility for his own learning. Bradley is a dedicated student who cycles 10 miles independantly to and from school each day.

Jamie Chambers, George Stephenson High School, Year 11

Jamie was nominated by her form teacher Mr Williams after a hard fought contest between which member of school staff was going to have the pleasure to nominate what he describes as an “extraordinary young person”. Jamie’s achievements include fundraising for the School nominated charity ‘Lukes Life’s Legacy’, taking an active part in the school council, volunteering at parents evenings with directions and refreshments and as a North Tyneside Young Leader. Her peers describe her as caring, sensitive and “more bothered about others than herself”. Despite managing her own diabetes with daily insulin, Jamie is an outstanding learner and is academically the best student in the school. Jamie is described as “little miss sunshine” and her impact on others and school life is clear.

Samirah Ramzan, Monkhouse Primary School, Year 5

Samirah was nominated by her class teaching assistant Ms O’Neill for her determination to succeed. Samira has overcome a range of challenges including learning English as an additional language, overcoming language and communication difficulties and memory issues. She translates for her mum at home and helps with new foster children at home being an exceptional big sister. At school Samirah is an enthusiastic member of the school choir and practises at home to make sure she is word perfect despite reading being difficult for her. Samirah was described by Ms O’Neill as being an “engaging, well loved member of the class who appears determined to make the most of everyday”.

Inclusion Award – Sponsored by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation

To recognise a child or young person who has demonstrated an understanding and acceptance of other people and aciviely promotes tolerance and cohesion.

Darren Renforth, Norham High School, Year 9

Darren was nominated by his teacher Ms Ashburner for his support and encouragement of other pupils with ASD. Within the schools Communication Resource Base, Darren recognises that it can be difficult for some pupils to get involved so he invites and encourages them to play with him as well as let teachers know if other pupils are being unkind. Darren continues his friendly manner outside the classroom and played a very important role in the school performance. Ms Ashburn describes Darren as a “friend to all”

Darwin Kidd, John Spence Community High School, Year 8

Darwin was nominated by his Head of Year Ms Blair for his work on the making of a video explaining what challenges are faced by young people with autism. Darwin wrote, directed and took part in the video with others and ensured that everyone involved was included and had the opportunity to be part of the whole project.

Hollie Hetherington, Grasmere Academy, Year 4

Hollie was nominated by her class teaching assistant Ms Biggin for her support of others both at school and at home. Despite her own physical disability Hollie is a Grasmere Guardian and helps younger children in EYFS at lunchtimes where her maturity, calmness, kindness and peace maker qualities shine. She volunteers her time as a school librarian and runs a popular lunchtime session with confidence and encouragement of others. At home Hollie is one of four children, one of whom has special educational needs who Hollie supports and includes in all aspects of life. Hollie demonstrates maturity, empathy and sensitivity to others needs at all times and her peers are always very happy to be paired with her. Ms Biggins speaks for staff across the school when describing Hollie as “a lovely, happy girl whose positive attitude and caring nature make her an asset to any group she is part of”.

Megan Campbell Hills, Moorbridge PRU, Year 11

Megan was nominated in this category by her teacher Ms Kalama for her commitment and dedication to highlight issues around young people’s mental health. After struggling with mental health issues herself Megan decided to use her own experiences and her talent for creative writing to help other young people. Through her writing Megan aims to show other young people that they are not alone and that they can survive the toughest of challenges and she provides inspiration for others to access support. Megan’s work has been shared across the world on social media, has been part of an awareness campaign by Northumbria NHS Trust, has formed part of Barnardos staff training resources and has received national newspaper recognition. Megan is described as a “total inspiration” who “has a burning passion to ensure young people with mental health issues are understood and included in all aspects of society”.

Breakthrough Award – Sponsored by AIS

To recognise a child or young person who has worked hard and shown significant improvement in any area including attitude, behaviour or commitment to their studies.

Riley Haire, Benton Dene School, Year 1

Riley was nominated by his teacher Ms Yarrow who describes him as “a fantastic 6 year old boy who has exceeded all expectations this academic year”. Riley started Benton Dene School with delayed communication skills and lack of confidence in playing with other children. Over the last year Riley has built his confidence in playing with others in his class and now uses a “big talking voice” to communicate with his peers and teachers. Riley’s courage and determination is worthy of recognition and celebration.

Nathan Catherall, George Stephenson High School, Year 7

Nathan was nominated by his class teaching assistant Ms Fuller having moved to George Stephenson High school in September 2015. Nathan has ADD and because of this found it difficult to make new friends, was anxious and nervous in meeting new people and attending a new school. With support and encouragement Nathan has worked extremely hard to overcome his difficulties and now has a group of friends both inside and outside of school. He attends school everyday for the whole school day and has become independant within the school premises. Described as “a polite and hard working young man who is a pleasure to have in school” Nathan’s breakthrough is remarkable.

Rohan Cook, Moorbridge PRU, Year 11

Rohan was nominated by his teacher Ms Kalama for his change in attitude and focus since year 10. Rohan struggled in his first 3 years at Monkseaton High School after difficult and complex life challenges. Rohan had no aspirations for the future, was getting into fights at school and was underachieving with his academic grades. Since attending Whitley Bay Support Centre, Rohan has changed his life around. He has a positive attitude to school, is expected to achieve 10 GSCE’s grades A*-C, has been accepted into the Royal Marines and is expecting to begin officer training in 2 years. Rohan is now a positive role model to other young people, has shown resilience and positivity through adversity and is an inspiration to others. Ms Kalama described Rohan as an example of how “a positive attiude can overcome the most difficult of barriers.”

Aaron Grant, Norham High School, Year 8

Aaron was nominated by his teacher Mr Harris for overcoming a number of personal challenges. Aaron has ADHD and after a recent bereavement was in danger of developing negative behaviour. Instead Aaron has developed in maturity and responsibility; taking part in a restorative meeting with a local resident and addressing his negative choices. Aaron has addressed and improved his attitude to learning and now shows pride and achievement in his academic studies.

Achievement Award – Sponsored by Capita

To recognise a personal achievement of a child or young person.

Faye Challonder, Norham High School, Year 10

Faye was nominated by her teacher Mr Hinder for her achievements at school. Faye is proving to be a positive role model for females in both her construction and painting and decorating studies.

Millie Jamieson, Monkhouse Primary School, Year 4

Millie was nominated by her teacher Mr Morris for her exceptional achievements both nationally and internationally in America as a gymnast. As well as maintain her school work Millie trains for over 21 hours after school and weekends and has recently travelled oversees to compete without her parents demonstrating amazing courage and maturity. Mr Morris describes Millie as a “wonderful young girl with tremendous dedication and talent.”

Shelly Brogden, John Spence Community High School, Year 10

Shelly was nominated by her coach Mr Graham for her outstanding achievement in football and other sports. Shelly plays for Sunderland ladies football team and has represented England at international level. As well as being a talented footballer, Shelly has represented Newcastle United Football Foundation in the premier league and at national competitions in table tennis and badminton.

Orlan McCallion, John Spence Community High School, Year 10

Orla was nominated by her coach Mr Graham for her outstanding achievements in rugby. Orla is on the under 15’s North of England Girls Rugby Union team and is the only North Tyneside girl selected from the North and Yorkshire area. She was also selected by the Youth Sports Trust to represent the region at the National Talent Inspiration competition in Manchester and has represented North Tyneside and Northumberland at competitive badminton. At school Orla is an active sports leader and volunteer and represents Rockcliffe Rugby Club in Whitley Bay.

Green Award – In Memory of Chris Dixon, Trust Governor at Benton Dene Primary School

To recognise a child or young person who pro-actively demonstrates care and concern for the environment and encourages others to do the same.

Neil Sillence, Valley Gardens Middle School, Year 6

Neil was nominated for the Green Award by the schools Garden Club Leader Miss Roper. Neil has been involved in the garden club for over 2 years and has never missed a session. He has been part of fundraising activities for the club and has helped make an empty space into an area full of wildlife which staff and children can enjoy. Neil has encouraged wildlife by making butterfly houses, bee boxes and bug hotels. The school came third in the North Tyneside in Bloom competition due to the hard work and positivity of Neil. Miss Roper describes Neil as a “kind, thoughtful and very helpful” young man whose hard work and positive attitude to others and the environment needs recognising.

Ruben Parnell, Monkhouse Primary School, Year 3

Ruben was nominated by Ms Stephenson from Monkhouse Primary for his part in the Eco Team within school. Ruben has only been at the school since September 2015 but has already helped lead the team that resulted in Monkhouse retaining their Green Flag Award. Ruben continuously keeps reminding other children of the need to be eco-friendly, designing save energy posters, encouraging walking to school, reminds staff and his peers to turn off lights and open blinds. He supports wildlife initiatives through links with the RSPB and was part of children making bird feeders for around the school. Ruben has already had a huge impact on the schools eco journey in such a short space of time.

Olivia Gaffney, Norham High School, Year 7

Olivia was nominated by school staff for her clear dedication and commitment to the environment in school. Olivia always keeps the environment clean and tidy, encouraging others to put their litter in bins and promotes a positive role model for others.

Abigail Walsh, Valley Gardens Middle School, Year 6

Abi was nominated by Miss Roper for her efforts in the school’s garden and outdoor area. Abi was part of a team that developed a memorial garden to the fallen heroes of past wars and also helps in the Garden Club to encourage new wildlife for all to enjoy. Abi helps other children younger than her with SEN to be part of the Garden Club and is helpful and understanding of others needs and abilities.

Leadership Award – Sponsored by Muckle LLP

To recognise a child or young person who has demonstrated the qualities of leadership.

Christopher Sugden, Valley Gardens Middle School, Year 8

Christopher was nominated by his form tutor Ms Johnson for demonstrating consistently high quality leadership skills in a wide range of areas. Christopher is the Chairperson of the school council, a sports leader, the school rugby captain, lead role in the school’s drama production of Wizard of Oz as the Tin Man, form class representative, was influential in leading the Industrial Cadet project and is involved in the annual carol service. Christopher displays may great qualities in his leadership; he is approachable, treats everyone on an equal basis, consider all viewpoints, is honest and reliable and an excellent listener. Ms Johnson describes him as having “all the characteristics that we attribute to great leaders!”

Dillon Blevins, Churchill Community College, Year 12

Dillon was nominated by Ms Jobson, Head of 6th form at Churchill Community College for his political achievements. Dillon has recently been elected a member of UK Youth Parliament for North Tyneside and focussed his campaign on raising awareness and support for young people with depression and/or mental health issues. Dillon is an advocate and role model for young people’s engagement in political systems and is a member of the Youth Council and is a North Tyneside Council cabinet member. Dillon is currently working on the revival of the ‘Young Mayors Games’ for children and young people late in the year.

Declan Scott, Stephenson Memorial Primary School, Year 6

Declan was nominated by several people for his leadership and inspirational character and personality. Declan is the head of the Wellbeing Team at Stephenson Memorial and is always on hand to support his peers and staff in resolving often difficult and emotional conflicts with sensitivity and empathy. He helps other pupils when they are distressed and makes sure that the welfare of everyone in the school including staff, pupils or visitors is considered. He is an excellent problem solver, has brilliant confidence, is self-motivated, resourceful and takes time to sort out other people’s problems. Described as a “true ambassador for not only our school but for children’s health and wellbeing”

Amber Pearson, Grasmere Academy, Year 6

Amber was nominated by Ms Stephenson for her outstanding leadership skills throughout her school life. Amber has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills on a daily basis; as a dedicated play leader who makes sure play equipment is available at playtime and put away correctly in all weathers, as a House Captain she is responsible for collecting and collating house Points for the Friday assembly with fairness, running lunchtime library clubs during cold and wet months where she encouraged and supported children to read for pleasure in a safe environment and taking on leadership duties on a recent visit to London supporting anxious younger children in the capital city. Ms Stephenson describes Amber as an “excellent role model, well respected by her peers and an asset to our school”.

Local Hero Award – Sponsored by Engie

To recognise a child or young person who has improved the lives of those around them in their community.

Sophia Donnison, Benton Dene Primary School, Year 3

Sophia was nominated by her class teacher Ms Farrer for donating her hair to the ‘Little Princess Trust’; a charity which provides free real-hair wigs to children who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment or illness. Sophia was eager to do this and although she was aware of how her hair would be put to use, she did not brag to her classmates or share her kindness in the achievement assembly. Ms Farrer describes Sophia as “ a humble, kind and caring child”.

Jonathan Atkinson, Stephenson Memorial Primary School, Year 6

Jonathan was nominated by his friend Kieron Girdlestone for being someone that helps other children in a number of ways including standing up for them, helping them with their problems at home, school or with other children. Jonathan is part of the Wellbeing Team at Stephenson Memorial and is always on hand to help others feel safe.

Sophie Reynolds, Norham High School, Year 8

Sophie was nominated by her friend Kyra for helping her overcome the death of someone close to her and helping her through difficult times. Sophie is always around to make others happy and laugh.

Elizabeth Orme, Norham High School, Year 8

Elizabeth was nominated by both her friend Maria and her mum Elaine for being a hero when Maria was involved in a car accident. Elizabeth made sure that Maria was moved to a safe place, remained calm and composed and waited with Maria until an ambulance arrived. Elizabeth demonstrated maturity and heroism in a difficult situation.

Winners Choice Award – Sponsored by Vision for Education

This award is chosen by the winners of the 2015 Star Awards from children and young people nominated by their peers in any category.

Charlie Hetherington, Preston Grange Primary School, Year 5

Charlie was nominated for an Inspiration Award by her friend Lucia Rose Saban. Despite suffering bereavement of her dad and supporting her mam, Charlie helps her friends to get through challenges and difficulties in their lives, helped them to not worry and has improved the lives of those around her. Lucia feels that Charlie definitely deserves to be nominated and describes Charlie as “she inspires me to be like her”.

Reece Welsh, Greenfields Community Primary School, Year 3

Reece was nominated for an Inclusion Award by his class teaching assistant Ms Graham for being an excellent role model and “friend to everyone”. Reece is supportive and encouraging to others in his class and has especially helped another pupil who is autistic to make positive choices, follow the school rules and take an active part in school life.

Dan Morgan, Whitley Bay High School, Year 10

Dan was nominated for an Inspiration Award by his Head of Year Ms Welch for what she describes as his “positive attitude”. After being diagnosed with cancer at the start of year 9 Dan underwent surgery to remove a tumour and underwent intensive chemotherapy. Further surgery and treatment was necessary in year 10 for Dan but despite this he continued to attend school as much as possible and keep up with his school work. Ms Welch described Dan as a “real inspiration to others”.

Amaan Rahman, Beacon Hill School, Year 11

Amaan was nominated for a Can Do Award by his friend Richard Naylor. Richard describes Amaan as a “very positive young man” who always tries his best at everything he does and who always says yes to anything he is asked to do. Amaan has great coffee making skills and works exceptionally hard in the school ran café



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