Star Awards 2017


The 2017 Star Awards Winners!

Brandon Robertson (Achievement Award), Amy Nugent (Breakthrough Award), Adam Warburton (Can Do Award), Harry Steel (Fundraising Award), Amy Murray (Inclusion Award), Jamie Jones (Inspiration Award), Nathan Holden (Leadership Award), Seth Younger (Local Hero Award), Conner Short (Resilience Award), Cerys Peat (Useful and Kind Award), Brooke Cowen (Volunteering Award), Dean Atkinson (Winners Choice Award)

The 2017 award categories and finalists

Achievement Award  – To recognise the personal achievement of a child or young person – Sponsored by Capita

Jessica Brown from John Spence Community High School, Year 9

Jessica was nominated by her PE teacher Ms Benson in recognition of her achievements in numerous sports and football despite personal challenges. Jessica demonstrates an outstanding attitude and commitment towards representing her school, North Tyneside Schools and her country. Jessica has received her national call up for the FA and English Schools and travelled to several countries to represent the UK and is playing at the highest level for her age. Ms Benson describes Jessica as “an excellent role model for the younger students”.

Alicia Jackson-Jones from Burnside Business and Enterprise College, Year 9

Alicia was nominated by her mum for her achievement in overcoming many challenges including her shyness yet still surpassing her educational targets. Recently Alicia has involved herself in a number of different clubs and groups to challenge herself to develop her own confidence, overcoming her shyness and get involved with others. She is now part of Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Girl guides, school drama performances and music lessons whilst maintaining and surpassing her predicted targets.

Brandon Robertson from Moorbridge, Year 11

Brandon was nominated by Ms Kalama for his achievement in what she describes as “totally turning his life around”. After some challenging early life circumstances Brandon has become an integral member of the North Tyneside Children in Care Council. He works hard to advocate for the rights of young people who are looked after; involved in a nationally touring play educating young people and leads other young people to develop anti-bullying initiatives and policy. Brandon promotes inclusion and opportunity for his peers and goes out of his way to help others. He organises students opportunities and is a central figure in being a Moorbridge Ambassador. He is warm and welcoming and is described by his peers as the person “most likely you to change the World”.

Kiefer Bradley from Silverdale School, Year 11

Kiefer was nominated by his Headteacher Mr Gannon for having a “change in life ambition”. Due to not being able to leave the house for a prolonged period Kiefer had missed most of his key stage 3 education. Since year 9 Kiefer has improved his attendance at school and is now on track to achieve 10 A*-C grades. He helps and supports younger students to focus and achieve; inspiring them as he plans to go to university.

Breakthrough Award – To recognise a child or young person who has worked hard and shown significant improvement in any area including attitude, behaviour or commitment to their studies – Sponsored by AIS

Jacob Madgin from Battle Hill Primary School, Year 2

Jacob was nominated by his teacher Ms Watson and support worker Ms Owen for having what they describe as a “can do attitude”. Jacob suffers from Hyperplexia which can have an effect on Jacobs thinking and processing skills. Despite this Jacob never gives up and always conquers the challenges he has been set. Jacob always breaks through barriers with strength and courage, is happy and described as having “a great sense of humour and always a big smile”.

Miley Gladstone from Carville Primary School, Year 3

Miley was nominated by her teacher Ms Murphy in recognition of her determination to learn despite her dyslexia. Miley has worked very hard this year in her reading and writing, now producing “exceptional work” through determination, hard work and courage.

Joe Murray from Longbenton High School, Year 9

Joe was nominated by his Head of Year Mr Pringle for his overall development as a person and the positive contribution he now gives to school life at Longbenton High School. Despite struggling in year 7 to manage his ADHD and build positive relationships Joe has challenged himself to breakthrough barriers and become an advocate for the views of minority communities. Joe reached the final 4 candidates to become a Member of Youth Parliament for North Tyneside and contributes to all aspects of school life including drama and musical productions. Mr Pringle describes Joe as “a fantastic example to others”.

Amy Nugent from George Stephenson High School, Year 10

Amy was nominated by her PE teacher Ms Patrick for breaking through her personal barriers of being shy, struggling with confidence and anxiety.  After finding a love of Zumba, Amy began leading Zumba classes for PE with her peers and now runs an after school club for students and staff teaching Zumba and helping to improve the health, well-being and confidence of others. Amy’s Zumba class now has record number of students participating.

Can Do Award – To recognise a child or young person who demonstrates a positive attitude in everything they do – Sponsored by Kier

Finley Wishart from Whitehouse Primary School, Year 1

Finley was nominated by both his mum and Ms Currie in recognition of his positive attitude and determination to develop his independence. Finley has cerebral palsy and is very proud of his ‘wobbly knee’. Despite having difficulty with body movement and muscle control, Finley always takes part in all aspects of school life with his peers including PE, outdoor play and managing the school building safely. Ms Currie describes Finley as “a wonderful pupil at our school who utilises every opportunity he receives with 100% effort. He never gives up and always believes in himself”.

Adam Warburton from Woodlawn School, Year 5

Adam was nominated by his mum who describes him as “never stopping smiling” despite being severely disabled since birth. Adam has a range of complex medical needs which require lots of therapies and treatments on a daily basis. Yet despite his own daily pain he is caring, kind and reaches out to others in distress to show them love and support. His cheeky and  mischievous personality makes it difficult to be cross with him. He works hard at school and is keen to experience new things, learn and explore the world, live life to the full and never complain. Adam’s mum describes being “very proud of our brave, happy boy”.

Emily Greatbatch from Moorbridge, Year 11

Emily was nominated by the Deputy Headteacher Ms Kalama for what she describes as someone who “demands 100% of herself in everything she does”. After an accident at Cadets, Emily sustained a major head injury and was absent from school for several months whilst trying to recover. Emily was left with visual impairments and pain having to learn how to use adaptive equipment and learn in new ways. Despite all this Emily is predicted 11 GCSE’s and has a College place for A levels next year. She supports other students in learning and is happy to give her time to guide and lead others. Emily’s attitude to life is one that is “glass always half full”.

Michelle Brophy from Beacon Hill 6th Form College, Year 14

Michelle was nominated by her class teacher Ms O’Brien for her attitude to learning. Michelle has worked hard to develop her communication skills, using Makaton singing and being part of lots of performances in College. Michelle is an independent traveller and has grown in confidence to travel to and from Newcastle by herself. Ms O’Brien describes Michelle as someone who “will try everything that is presented to her with a smile on her face and great enthusiasm”.

Fundraising Award – To recognise a child or young person who has raised money for a good cause, however large or small the amount – Sponsored by Tes

Edward Faulds from Benton Dene Primary School, Year 2

Edward (Ted) was nominated by his proud teacher Mr Danecki for his fundraising efforts for WaterAid. After an inspiring homework challenge about space, Ted set about designing, producing and selling t-shirts to his classmates, teachers, parents and Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville to raise awareness about clean water. Ted’s entrepreneurial efforts raised over £1,200 for the charity and earned him a Water Aid Star Supporter of the week nomination and a Blue Peter badge.

Thomas Card from Rockcliffe First School, Year 4

Tom was nominated by his Headteacher Mrs Colpitts-Elliott for his fundraising efforts on behalf of The Good Will Cause. After the death of his classmate Will Woods in 2014 Tom has devoted a lot of time to raise money for the special charity set up in Will’s memory. Tom’s efforts include saving pennies, organising fundraising initiatives and even selling his own Pokemon cards to contribute to this charity. Tom is described as being “tireless in finding ways to keep Will in the school children’s hearts”.

Hannah Newark from Hadrian Park Primary School, Year 4

Hannah was nominated by her teacher Ms Brown for her fundraising efforts on behalf of North Tyneside General Hospital who took care of her aunt before she died. Hannah organised a team of friends to put on a magic show to raise money. Hannah organised the whole event independently for the benefit of hospital patients.

Harry Ian Thomas Steel from Denbigh Community Primary School, Year 6

Harry was nominated by his mum for his determined fundraising after the sudden death of his uncle and dad. Harry constantly challenges himself to raise money for CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) and Maggie’s Cancer Care by running stalls, sponsored climb of the 02 and running the Junior Great North Run. After such difficult times Harry is determined to raise money to help others and is described by his mum as ‘a true inspiration’.

Inclusion Award – To recognise a child or young person who has demonstrated an understanding and acceptance of other people and actively promotes tolerance and cohesion – Sponsored by Northumbiria Healthcare NHS

Amy Murray from Hazlewood Community Primary School, Year 1

Amy was nominated by her class teacher Ms Robinson for her constant dedication to including children in her school who are often isolated and have poor social skills. Amy always shows tolerance and resilience even though sometimes the children she is trying to include are not always kind to her. She offers to include them in her games at play time and partner them in class. She always puts others before herself and continues to build friendships with those most in need with kindness and respect.

Maiya Robertson from Ivy Road Primary School, Year 2

Maiya was nominated by her teacher Ms Taylor for her hard work in including children in her class to get the support they need. Maiya always tries to include others and has especially been supportive of another student who is on the autistic spectrum. Maiya takes time to understand his needs and recognises that he has different needs to other children in the class. Maiya is described as being “extremely kind” and an “outstanding friend”.

Hiba Laribi from Carville Primary School, Year 3

Hiba was nominated by her class teacher Ms Murphy who describes her as being “the first person to help others and is always a happy friendly face”. Hiba has helped and supported eight new children in her class whose first language isn’t English. Hiba is able to use her own experience to help children who are not only new to the school but new to the country settle in and feel included.

Dillon Robson from Seaton Burn College, Year 12

Dillon was nominated by Cathy Grebby whose son Dillon teaches karate and assisted him to enable him to attend Scouts. Cathy’s son has complex needs and Dillon goes out of his way to support and help him to be involved in activities outside of school. Dillon is accepting, understanding and inclusive in all ways and is described by Cathy as having “a lovely nature”.

Inspiration Award – To recognise a child or young person who goes to extraordinary lengths to enhance the lives of others – Sponsored by Capita

Matthew Meachen from Redesdale Primary School, Reception Class

Matthew was nominated by his mum for his love and support for his baby sister who has complex medical needs. Matthew’s calm and helpful manner in times of distress include helping his mum deal with medical emergencies and provide distraction to make his sister smile. Matthew is always happy to share his toys, sing a song or entertain his baby sister while she is having treatment. Matthew’s mam describes him as “always putting the needs of his little sister first showing amazing resilience”.

Jamie Jones from Rockcliffe First School, Year 3

Jamie was nominated by his mum for all he does in his role as a young carer for her and for looking after two elderly neighbours as well. Jamie helps and supports his mum with all aspects of life when her medical condition means that she needs constant care. Despite previous bullying, Jamie has grown in confidence and uses his experience to be kind to others and was voted pupil counsellor to help others at school. Jamie is always there to help his mum and sacrifices playing out with his friends to make sure she has what she needs. As well as this Jamie helps out two elderly neighbours who are in their 90’s with housework and jobs around the house and is a valued member of his local parish. Described as “a lifeline, selfless and a true inspiration” Jamie’s mum is so proud of him and wants him to be recognised as “A hero, my little hero”.

Hope Elle Van-Zandvliet from King Edward Primary School, Year 5

Hope was nominated by her mum for her help and support in looking after her disabled dad. Hope helps her dad with everything from counting his medication to getting his breakfast as he struggles with a terminal brain tumour. Kind, considerate and happy, Hope is always the first person to help other children at school as well as at home. Hope’s mum describes her as “an all rounder”.

Mathew Williamson from Longbenton High School, Year 10

Mathew was nominated by Ms McPherson his year leader after his selfless donation of bone marrow for his younger sister. Despite a difficult and painful procedure Mathew returned to school very shortly after to complete his work experience opportunity. Mathew showed “an amazing attitude and was very mature” throughout this difficult time.

Leadership Award – To recognise a child or young person who has demonstrated the qualities of leadership – Sponsored by Muckle

Jeffrey Michael from Hazlewood Community Primary School, Year 6

Jeffrey was nominated by Ms Bowman his class teacher for the exceptional leadership skills he shows during the school day. Jeffrey is a Young Sports Leader during play times and lunchtimes and organises games for the younger children, brings out the resources needed and umpires for them as well. He is always kind and patient with the key stage 1 children and they look forward to him helping them. Described as “an excellent role model” Jeffrey’s nomination was supported by lunchtime supervisors as well.

Jordan Alexander from Grasmere Academy, Year 6

Jordan was nominated by his mum and Ms Stephenson from Grasmere Academy for his many leadership qualities he shows on a daily basis. At school Jordan always helps other children to be included in games and activities, gives his time to support his class mates, developing and running a healthy tuck shop and fundraise for school charities. During a recent trip to London Jordan showed leadership and responsibility in making sure the younger children were safe. Jordan is also involved in the school parliament and school council and helps other children have a voice and make good choices. Ms Stephenson described Jordan as “a polite, kind and caring boy who is a special friend to all the children”.

Niamh Bews from Monkseaton High School, Year 12

Niamh was nominated by her teacher Ms Davison for her leadership qualities in PE and sport. Niamh is dedicated and committed to helping younger students during PE lessons providing extra support for those that need it and encouragement to those around her. As part of completing her Community Sports Leader Award, Niamh planned and delivered a number of successful sessions in a primary school demonstrating a positive approach and strong inclusive leadership skills with all students. Ms Davison described Niamh as a “fantastic role model to the girls at Monkseaton High School”.

Nathan Holden from Churchill Community College, Year 13

Nathan was nominated by his PE teacher Mr Dunn for his roles throughout his time at Churchill Community College. Nathan is a Gold Young Ambassador in the North Tyneside Leadership Academy and a member of the North Tyneside Coaching Academy. Alongside his own studies Nathan plans, organises and delivers sessions in local primary schools, leads extra-curricular sessions at Churchill Community College with confidence and volunteers coaching and support to other students.

Local Hero Award – To recognise a child or young person who has improved the lives of those around them in their community – sponsored by Engie

Brooke-Marie Tiplady from Balliol Primary School, Year 2

Brooke was nominated by both her mum and Kimberley Cummings for her calm, collected and brave actions during a medical emergency. Brooke made sure that she got help for her mum when she had an epileptic seizure in the cinema by alerting staff, contacting her dad and helping her mum in the ambulance. Brooke was described as “showing great bravery”.

Harry Pearce from Monkhouse Primary School, Year 2

Harry was nominated by his teacher Ms Scott for his eco-friendly approach to recycling and saving the local community. Harry is an active recycler both in school and at home and inspires adults and other children to take care of the environment and explains the reasons why. Ms Scott describes Harry as “an inspiration to myself, his peers and family”.

Seth Younger from Burradon Community Primary School, Year 4

Seth was nominated by his teacher Ms Liddle for his work as a member of North Tyneside Children’s Council. Seth volunteers his time to ensure that the children of North Tyneside have a voice about changes they would like to make in their local area. Seth is also involved in Burradon Community Primary School Council where he makes sure he represents a range of ideas from the children. Ms Liddle see’s Seth as the next young mayor.

Oscar Daniel from Marden High School, Year 8

Oscar was nominated by both his Head of Year Mr Prytherch and his friend Abigail Tang for his dedication in his role as Young Mayor for North Tyneside. Oscar attends meetings, leads consultation with young people of North Tyneside and takes forward their views, opinions and suggestions on a range of initiatives including Mental Health and well-being of children and young people. Mr Prytherch describes Oscar as “actively improving the community for young people”.

Resilience Award – To recognise a child or young person who has demonstrated extreme courage and determination in overcoming adversity – Sponsored by Northumbria Healthcare NHS

Mohammad Al Ibrahim from Richardson Dee’s Primary School, Reception Class

Mohammed was nominated by his teacher Ms Atkinson for his resilience in attending a new school in a new country. Mohammed and his parents, sister and brother were evacuated from Syria as part of the Government resettlement programme. After such a traumatic experience Mohammed found it difficult to be in school and could not speak English. Now Mohammed has many friends at Richardson Dees, has grown in confidence, making exceptional progress in his learning and is a popular member of his class. Ms Atkinson describes him as “a happy and confident little boy who skips and runs into school”.

Lacy Wright from Greenfields Community Primary School, Year 2

Lacy was nominated by her Mam for her courage after having leukaemia. Lacy had to undergo a bone marrow transplant and was out of school for over a year. Lacy now has alopecia and wears a stylish bandana with confidence, has lots of friends and is working hard to catch up her missed education. Lacy is described by her mam as “such a brave and courageous little girl”.

Conner Short from Silverdale School, Year 11

Conner was nominated by Ms Guthrie for showing great resilience throughout his turbulent life. Despite living with a range of foster carers both in North Tyneside and in other parts of the country over the last 5 years, Conner returned to Silverdale School in year 10 and worked hard to maintain his education and re-build his friendships. Now studying for his GCSE’s and a motor mechanics qualification Conner is described as always having a “welcoming and positive attitude’ and “the resilience to succeed”.

Holly Elliot from Southlands School, Year 11

Holly was nominated by two members of Southlands school staff Ms Clark and Ms Coxon in recognition of her life challenges and her positive approach in changing her life. After becoming a mum in 2015 Holly was determined to be a good mum  and work harder than ever to improve her GCSE’s to build a better life for her and Alfie. Holly’s attendance at school is excellent despite having a new baby, she has shown confidence and determination with her studies and new independence in all aspects of her life as she moves towards college and building a successful future for herself and Alfie. Holly is described as a ‘doting, caring and proud mother” who is “simply inspirational”.

Useful and Kind Award – To recognise a child or young person who strives everyday to be useful and kind – Sponsored by United Carlton

Evie McMorrow from Redesdale Primary School, Year 5

Evie was nominated by both her class teacher Mr Shackleton and teaching assistant Ms Anderson for her all round care, help and support of other children in her class. Evie helps every day to support a fellow student who has Down Syndrome in a mature, inclusive, caring and thoughtful way. Evie is described by both people who nominated her as “kind and caring” to her fellow classmates, teachers and all staff.

Charlotte Williamson from Churchill Community College, Year 7

Charlotte was nominated by her teacher Ms Bruce for being an “outstanding young lady”. Charlotte is a young carer and extends her kindness into all aspects of her school and home life. She is part of many groups in school that promotes kindness, care and support for all those at school and in particular is committed to supporting Year 6 students coming to Churchill Community College this year.

Ellie Van Der Merwe from Valley Gardens Middle School, Year 7

Ellie was nominated by her Form Tutor Ms Scott for her daily acts of kindness to an elderly neighbour. Elle makes sure that every day she collects and delivers a newspaper to a neighbour providing some much needed contact for someone who may not speak to anyone else. Elle does this “just to be helpful”.

Cerys Peat from Whitley Bay High School, Year 10

Cerys was nominated by her Head of Year Mr Bland for her commitment to supporting the dementia organisation Silverline. Cerys dedicates lots of her time at weekends and holidays to volunteer with people who have dementure to improve their lives including running café’s, helping out with events to raise money and awareness and dancing at tea parties. Cerys is described as “having a strong sense that people should have their lives enhanced and full even when suffering with this condition”.

Volunteering Award – To recognise a child or young person who regularly gives their time freely and unpaid doing something to benefit the environment, individuals or groups other than close relatives – Sponsored by Accenture

Kitty Southersn from Marden Bridge Middle School, Year 7

Kitty was nominated by her form tutor Mr Turner for her overall voluntary efforts to improve the learning experience of the whole Marden Bridge School community. Kitty volunteers four nights per week in after school clubs supporting other students in art, music and sports. She is part of the school securing the Arts Mark accreditation and performs regularly at school orchestra, performances and events. As a class council representative, Kitty works hard to ensure the voice of the pupils is heard and regularly undertakes community projects with her guide troop.

Hallie Tatters from Whitley Bay High School, Year 10

Hallie was nominated by her teacher Mr Lee for her long term voluntary work at West Moor Community Centre. For the past four years Hallie has been volunteering her evenings and weekends to a wide range of events and projects within her community including maintaining the community garden, running coffee mornings, elderly lunch clubs, youth clubs, summer fares, Christmas lunches and much more. Her volunteering has transferred to Whitley Bay High School where she gives endless time to community events organised by the school. Described by staff at the Community Centre as a “star and a leader” Hallie continues to create a “fun environment and positive atmosphere for all staff and visitors”.

Paul Harrison from Norham High School, Year 11

Paul was nominated by Ms Ashburner his teacher who describes him as “an asset to the school”. Paul spends his break times and lunchtimes playing games and activities with younger students who struggle to make friends at school. Paul is patient and kind and goes out of his way to make other pupils feel included. Outside of school Paul continues in his own activities of swimming, fishing and clay pigeon shooting to include others and undertakes acts of kindness within his local community to help those in need. Ms Ashburner describes Paul as someone who goes “above and beyond to help others”.

Brooke Cowen from George Stephenson High School, Year 13

Brooke was nominated by her Form Tutor Ms Rigby for her volunteering which makes such a positive difference at school. Brooke is an Ambassador for the Holocaust Education Trust and spends time with younger children teaching them about the holocaust. She runs the school radio station and helps other students understand how this works alongside supporting school productions, events and fundraising initiatives. Brooke is described as an “outstanding role model to younger students”.

Winners Choice – This award is chosen by the winners of 2016 Star Awards from children and young people nominated by their peers in any category – Sponsored by Vision for Education

Dean Atkinson from Stephenson Memorial Primary School, Year 1

Dean was nominated by his sister Eve who nominated him for the Can Do Award. Dean has delayed speech development yet does not let this stop him from getting involved in all aspects of school life. He has worked hard to improve his speech and learnt sign language to help others understand him. With Eve’s support Dean is now doing well in his spellings and reading. Eve is very proud of Dean and describes his attitude as “he can do it….and he will do it”.

Chanelle Burwood Faetz from Preston Grange Primary School, Year 6

Chanelle was nominated by her best friend Katie for the Resilience Award. Chanelle has had to undergo several major operations on a serious tummy condition but shows courage, determination and resilience in dealing with this on a daily basis and never letting it stop her at school or enjoying out of school activities. Chanelle continues to think about others first and is always happy to help and support if someone is feeling unhappy. Katie describes Chanelle as “brave”.

Kenny Atkin from George Stephenson High School, Year 7

Kenny was nominated by his sister Abigail for the Breathrough Award. After his dad was diagnosed with kidney failure and arthritis Kenny has changed his behaviour immensely as he tries to help out more and listen more to others to create a more relaxed atmosphere for his dad at home. Abigail describes Kenny now as being someone who “will go to any lengths to help someone else rather than thinking about himself” and now puts “100% into everything he does”.

Hana Mann from Monkseaton High School, Year 13

Hana was nominated by her friend Carla Melaco for the Local Hero Award. Despite having a very busy education timetable and her dad’s recent ill health, Hana volunteers a lot of time to a wide range of events both inside and outside school. She volunteers at her community youth group with weekly sessions and residential, is a peer mentor for younger students in school and at the youth club, she has been part of school interview panels to appoint staff and teachers, actively speaks on challenging gender stereotypes, takes part in school performances and is dedicated to reading at church. Carla describes Hana as being someone who “not only offers her services, but she also does not expect any acknowledgement or thanks for her selflessness”.


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