Transport for Schools

In order to support schools participating in NTLT or STEM programmes, the Trust has established a modest transport budget for NTLT Partner Schools. Match funding will be awarded for STEM or NTLT related activities on a needs basis, in order to enable wider participation. If your school needs assistance in paying for transport, please complete the form below. Applications will be assessed on a needs basis and you will be informed within 10 working days if your application has been successful.

Terms and Conditions and Eligibility Criteria
Applications will only be considered if:
  • The Trust will look to support schools with up to 50% of the total cost up to a maximum contribution of £500 per school per academic year
  • Clear and reasonable effort has been made to use existing minibus facilities or public transport
  • Where available, other forms of grants have been explored
  • Transport to the activity/event will be a barrier to school participation
  • Quoted costs are competitive and reasonable for the distance being travelled
  • Application has been made in good time prior to the planned excursion, grant applications must be received and approved ahead of trips as grants cannot be awarded retrospectively
Priority areas:
  • STEM activities
  • Trust programmes
We reserve the right to refuse an application without recourse and without giving reason.


Transport Request Form

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