Support with Science

Our Science Lead Practitioner, Amy Banks can support staff and pupils at NTLT primary, first, middle and secondary schools in the following areas:

  • Support with writing grant applications for funding
  • Working with departments to plan STEM weeks
  • Individual, departmental and whole school sessions on areas such as working scientifically, productive practical work, thinking skills in science
  • Work with pupils on preparation for exams
  • Class sessions on exciting and practical science skills

These are just some of the areas that we can help with.

If you would like to request support, please contact

Support to access Science Learning Partnership courses

NTLT Partner Schools can access a bursary of up to £450 per school towards SLP courses taking place during the autumn term 2021 (exceptions apply, see below). Bursaries can be used for one full day course, one short remote course and a series of networks or a combination of those e.g. two participants on one full day or a full department on the network etc.
  • The bursary can be used on one of the longer CPD courses taking place in Spring that are 2 full days and 3 remote sessions in total (see brochure)
  • When using the bursary for network events, it will cover all of the sessions across the academic year
  • Bursary is only paid to schools on full attendance
  • Schools should book through the links on the autumn brochure, you will be directed to the STEM Learning website
  • Invoices should then be sent to the Trust after full attendance

For more information contact or

SLP Autumn Brochure

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