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The WOW Project recognises the importance of engaging children with careers education early. Children at primary age are likely to be very impressionable and very ambitious, however their ambition is largely restricted by the adults they are in regular contact with, such as family members and teachers. This is particularly problematic in deprived areas with generational unemployment. Research has also shown that children as young as six begin to form stereotypes about occupations, careers and universities.

Events and activities that give pupils an insight into different careers at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 cannot only help to raise aspirations, but can also increase pupil enjoyment of other career related activities at school and ultimately reduce their future chances of being unemployed.

The WOW Project aims to introduce primary children to a variety of careers, nurture ‘realistic’ ambition, challenge stereotypes and link their learning with the world of work. Careers education at this age is not about pigeon holing children into particular career paths at age 11, but about broadening their horizons, increasing their confidence and building resilience.

WOW Project Leads ensure that all our activities are age appropriate and are planned, delivered and adapted depending on the needs of any individual group.

EYFS & Key Stage 1: Nursery, Reception & Years 1 & 2 (up to age 7)

Interventions designed to introduce and explore the world of work.

Talk to the Professional

Employer visits arranged to introduce specific job roles and promote discussion and questions about careers.

Career Match Ups

Activity designed to introduce the concept of jobs, careers and the world of work.

Superhero CV

Workshop designed to explore the concept of skills linked with local employment.

Career Snakes and Ladders

Workshop designed to explore how the core skills of numeracy, literacy and ICT link to careers.

Curriculum Enrichment

Employer signposting to introduce, explore, develop understanding and prepare pupils for the world of work through the curriculum.

Key Stage 2: Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 (Ages 8-11)

Interventions designed to develop understanding about the world of work.

Career Top Trumps

Workshop designed to develop an understanding of careers, skills, salary and working conditions.

Career Desert Island

Workshop designed to promote understanding of transferable skills and career choices.

Weird and Wonderful Jobs

This workshop is designed to give children an understanding of the weird and wonderful careers that are available in the world of work today. Children will look at the skills and attributes that it will take to do some of the more quirky jobs.

UN Sustainable Development Global Goals

Activities designed to promote understanding of careers and their impact in the wider world.

Career Inspiration Kits

Employer designed projects to develop an understanding of specific companies and their staff.

Career Speed Dating Workshop

Question and activity session delivered to increase understanding to prepare pupils for a meaningful experience of career speed dating event.

Employer engagement event aimed at providing an opportunity for pupils to experience and understand a range of job roles, careers and sectors.

Career Workshops

Employer led interactive workshops to develop an understanding of job roles, responsibilities and skills.


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