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Star Awards 2019!




We received over 700 nominations for this years Star Awards. A new record! We also had a record number of schools nominating.

The process of picking the 4 finalists for each category was extremely difficult because there were so many incredible nominations.

Below is a list of the 48 finalists who have been selected to attend the glittering awards ceremony final at The Assembly Rooms, Newcastle on Tuesday 2nd July 2019.

All 48 finalists will receive a prize bag worth over £150 generously sponsored by Trust Star Awards partners.


  • Inspiration Award
    • Yasemin Yildiz, Greenfields Communtiy Primary School
    • Dione Willis, Stephenson Memorial Primary School
    • Ellie Joslyn, Marden High School
    • Jodie Richardson, Moorbridge
  • Volunteering Award
    • Jessica Lowery, Burradon Community Primary School
    • Aimee Bull, John Spence Community High School
    • Aimee Stenton, Longbenton High School
    • Ellie Dunn, Churchill Community College
  • Fundraising Award
    • Evelyn Roberson, Greenfields Community Primary School
    • Luis Coates, Amberley Primary School
    • Florence Lavendar, Marden Bridge Middle School
    • Zara Rolland, Marden High School
  • Resilience Award
    • Emmy Taylor, Benton Dene Primary School
    • Oliver Nunn, Grasmere Academy
    • Roxanne Thompson, Grasmere Academy
    • Flinn Jarman, George Stephenson High School
  • Useful and Kind Award
    • Kaylum Frazer, Whitehouse Primary School
    • Rhys Lannigan, Western Community Primary School
    • Daniel Corrie, Valley Gardens Middle School
    • Josh Griffith, Norham High School
  • Leadership Award
    • Elle Robinson, Westmoor Primary School
    • Rona Neish, Percy Main Primary School
    • Demi Leigh Smith, Carville Primary School
    • Joseph Taylor, Churchill Community College
  • Can Do Award
    • Zayd Kara, Benton Dene Primary School
    • Jayden Panetta, Benton Dene School
    • James Stanley Hill, Rockcliffe First School
    • Bakhitha Joseph, Beacon Hill School
  • Achievement Award
    • Charlie Ethan Young, Preston Grange Primary School
    • Ali Al Shtewei, Battle Hill Primary School
    • Ben Barclay, Southlands School
    • Ben Gardner, George Stephenson High School
  • Inclusion Award
    • Chloe Knaggs, Greenfields Community Primary School
    • Oliver Gartland, Hazlewood Community Primary School
    • Molly Dowse, Monkhouse Primary School
    • Emma Uher, Silverdale School
  • Local Hero Award
    • Libby Liddle, Western Commuity Primary School
    • Katie Howling, Redesdale Primary School
    • Daniel McTiernan, George Stephenson High School
    • Georgia Smith, Monkseaton High School
  • Breakthrough Award
    • Tyler Binns, Richardson Dees Primary School
    • Matthew Purvis, Ivy Road Primary School
    • Jamie Armatage, Longbenton High School
    • Nicole Henderson, Whitley Bay High School
  • Winners Choice Award
    • Isobella Oates, Appletree Gardens First School
    • Scarlette Abraham, Hadrian Park Primary School
    • Monisha Begum, Fordley Primary School
    • Stella Taylor-Cain, Benton Dene Primary School




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