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Trust 2 Trust School Support Fund

North Tyneside Learning Trust is one of the largest and most successful school improvement partnerships in the UK with 45 schools operating within a collaborative model of school to school support. The Trust is committed to providing school improvement support to all of its schools irrespective of their Ofsted grade or the nature of their particular challenges and is keen to explore different ways of delivering support to schools using the strength of our collaborative partnership.

T2T is a ‘Trust to Trust’ School Support Fund set up to facilitate increased school to school support arrangements throughout the Trust. A budget of £50,000 has been established to set up this Trust school led system of school to school support designed to meet the needs of all Trust Partner Schools. Grants of up to £4,000 will be available to schools through the T2T fund. Recipient schools will be required to match fund their T2T grant awards with funding from their own school budget. Funding from recipient schools will essentially serve to double the initial budget to £100,000.

Key features of the school to school support fund

  • Grants of up to £4,000 available to Trust Partner Schools
  • Trust grant funding must be match funded pound for pound by the recipient school
  • T2T grant awards are limited to 1 grant per recipient school, per year. Partner schools may provide support to multiple Trust schools subject to demonstrating capacity to do so.
  • A joint application must be submitted by the provider and recipient school. Partner schools may submit an expression of interest where a support provider has not yet been identified and the Trust will seek to identify a provider.
  • Applications must explain clearly the rationale behind the proposed school to school support interventions
  • Applications must detail the nature of the support to be provided, the timing and duration of the support and the associated costs
  • Applications must detail clearly defined and agreed outcomes to be achieved as a result of the support to be provided
  • Trust schools are encouraged to exhaust any alternative funding sources that exist. T2T grant applications should not be made where alternative funding sources are secured. Where alternative sources of funding are secured the Trust will consider proposals for alternative interventions and or require re-payment of the grant.
  • A sub group of the Trust Board comprising of Headteachers has been established to consider and approve applications from schools.
  • Grant funding will be paid in 3 tranches, 40% at the start of the intervention, 40% on submission of an interim report on progress against key outcomes and 20% following the submission of a final report and satisfactory completion of key outcomes and achievements.

Application forms are available here. For more information please contact


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