Star Awards 2015

The 2015 NTLT Star Awards ceremony took place on Wednesday 1st July at the Discovery Museum where the 48 young stars shone brighter than the day’s record breaking sun! Over 300 people attended the glittering awards ceremony to celebrate the outstanding achievements of children and young people from North Tyneside. Entertainment was provided by way of a photo booth, Newcastle University’s Street Scientists, a pizza buffet and a sweets table! Special thanks go to our main event sponsor, Vision for Education, and our individual award sponsors, without their generous support this event would not have been possible.

The 2015 finalists and winners are…

Fundraising Award

  • Kieron Marshall
  • Isabelle Fry
  • Stephen Gradwell
  • Shaunmichael O’Halleron

Leadership Award

  • Ellie Florence Thompson
  • Matthew Sample
  • Beth Storey
  • Jack Lightbown

Volunteering Award

  • Alexandra Gravell
  • Matthew Parker
  • Piper McGregor
  • Joseph Stuart

Resilience Award

  • Cruz Hudson
  • Uriah Grebby
  • Emily Kate Jackson
  • Sophie Bell

Green Award

  • Charlie and William Pellow
  • Tilly Aveyard
  • Hannah Kindred

Can Do Award

  • Lucas Graham
  • Kai Smith
  • James Wears
  • Aom Sueakeaw

Inspiration Award

  • Andrew Gray
  • Shannon Byrne
  • Taylor Charlton
  • Chloe Blackwell

Local Hero Award

  • Robert Lee
  • Amy Bell
  • Sean Sansom
  • Libby Wright

Breakthrough Award

  • Pauline Kidd
  • Erin Curry
  • Daniel James Allan
  • Robert Ellis

Achievement Award

  • Abbi Savage
  • Luke Blacklock
  • Sam Bullock
  • Jamie Brown

Inclusion Award

  • Caitlain Wright
  • Sam Wardlaw
  • Genna Archer
  • Sarah Gilroy

Winners Choice Award

  • Tialeigh Smith
  • Rosie Campbell
  • Casey McCartney
  • Sophie Tonge


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