Schools of Sanctuary - Case Studies

Schools of Sanctuary

Case Studies from 2022-2023


Richardson Dees Primary School

‘It is a honour to have received the award for our wonderful school and to have collaborated with others who share our passion for community, equity , friendship and compassion for others. It is a celebration of the values our school cherishes and I am keen to support others to join the school of sanctuary team.’



Norham High School

“Being involved in the School of Sanctuary process this year has been transformative¬†for our school community. It is imperative that people seeking sanctuary in the UK are made to feel welcome and valued and I am so proud that our students here at Norham High School have embraced and embedded this ethos into our school community.”



John Spence Community High School

“Schools of Sanctuary has been a key development process for John Spence Community High School. We have looked at our own practice and challenged, sought guidance and improved as a result. We now feel we are in a great place as a School of Sanctuary with still lots of positive changes and tweaks to make. We feel pride as a school that we are named one of the first schools in North Tyneside to achieve this award. Our relationships with our community and local charities have certainly played a major part in this process and we will only strengthen these as we move forward.”


Marden High School

“School of sanctuary has made me really glad that I’m part of a community who are helping people who aren’t as lucky as us”¬†


Further information

Access this link to the North Tyneside Schools of Sanctuary web page.

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